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Pamper yourself with our Organic and all natural products line.

  Large Bath bags are sealed in a bag so there are no floating herbs to stick to you.  Just toss in hot bath water.

  8 ounce Hydrating Mists in a plastic spray bottle are made with witch hazel to sooth your skin, spray in room or on items, such as your pillow.  Mists have been safely used on pets and infants.

  2 ounce Refreshing Foot Spray in a plastic spray bottle "wakes up" tired feet.

  Our Organic Herbal Healing Toner for Dry Skin is very unique.  For use on sunburn, radiation treatment, burns, minimize scaring, insect stings and bites and more.  Safely has been used on all ages and pets.

Our Organic Healing Toner for Oily Skin helps with problem acne and oily skin areas.  Both come with 5 tea bags for a ten week supply and a 4 ounce glass atomizer bottle.

Personal Care/Aromatherapy

PriceFrom $5.00
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