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Some pictures from our Mother's Day Special -

Flowers and Treats - only $19!

Beautiful bouquets in a cute wooden box, plus your choice of one of our homemade treats.    Limited supply. 




Organic and Local Products from Native and
New England Farms and Vendors. 
Seasonal Non-GMO, Organic
and Heirloom Plants and Baskets.
(Veggies, Herbs, Fruits and Flowers)
(1.25 gallon biodegradable pulp containers)
Organic and Heirloom HERBAL PLANTS and FRUIT TREES
are available for Fall planting and some for indoor use!
Hand Crafted Dry Foods and Herbal Products.
Do you know where your local products come from? 

Are you looking to purchase fresh in season fruits, vegetables and other goodies? Look no further. Nature's Country Farm Stand, a local Farm nestled in the Chichester area, is known for its wide variety of seasonal offerings. Our farm store is filled with fresh choices all year long. When in season, we carefully handpick each organic fruit and organic vegetable in order to make sure you only purchase the freshest and best quality produce. We also reach out to other local farms to get more variety for you.  Thank you for supporting your local farmers. Feel free to check out our current harvest on our local products page.

We are open Wednesday through Saturday

2:00 pm - 6:00 pm

We are offering online ordering again for curbside or in store pick up.  We keep adding new products all the time so please check back as we have a lot of products we are adding.  Some items are available for shipping too.


I have always used organic gardening practices for over 40 years now.  We don't spray or treat our rhubarb, blueberries, apples, pears, strawberries, asparagus, veggies, herbs or flowers.  So they may not be the prettiest, but they sure do taste good!  Our herbs, flowers and veggies are all started from heirloom and organic seeds and grown using organic practices.

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