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Looking forward to 2024 Summer and Fall Session, Enjoy the bounty everyone!

Here at Nature's Country Farm Stand, we are always trying to help our customers get the best products and availability from our farm and other local farms and suppliers while supporting local community and businesses at the same time.


We are offering our diverse, multi-farm CSA (Community Supported Agriculture).  Offered at last year's pricing, a 17 week program, starting in late June for just $495 a share.  (A value of over $1,000 was distributed last year, we over pack!)

Our 4 week Fall extension follows the Summer Share and is an additional option for $116

Being a smaller farm, share quantities are limited!

Each week you will receive approximately a 1/2 bushel,

with a wide variety of certified organic and organically grown produce, rhubarb, fruits, herbs, greens, roots,

corn, tomatoes, etc. dependent upon what is in season, plus some unique add ins to fit in with your share.  Using our extensive cooking and herbal experience, we help you use your bounty by supplying some of our unique recipes and

special ingredients needed to help you with making some yummy condiments and dishes,

(like a meal kit but local and healthy).

ADD ONS:  All are a savings to you of at least 5% off.


EGG SHARE:  $80.75:  Each week you will receive one dozen local, pastured eggs.

(We are hoping to keep getting a steady supply in these crazy times, please bear with us.)

MILK SHARE:  $138.28:  Each week you will receive two 1/2 gallons of local minimally pastured milk in glass bottles.  Your choice of whole, 2% or skim.  Glass bottle deposits and returns of $1.50 each, is not included in price.

ASSORTED GOODIES:  $96.90:  Some options but not limited to:

Mini loaves of breads, cookies, brownies, cupcakes, bars, gourmet fudge, herb and spice blends.

Payment in the form of cash or check only made out to Nature's Country Farm Stand for the deposit of $250.00 due anytime before the start of the CSA.  (Balance of $245.00 due by late June when CSA starts.)

Looking forward to supplying you with these great local products again.  ENJOY!!!  

You can contact us with your CSA information or any questions you may have, in several ways:

On our website contact page, Messenger on Facebook or email us at!

CANCEL:  In the CSA program, members are seen as active farm partners, sharing the risks and rewards of the harvest.  Members may cancel their subscription at any time, for any reason, however, should you choose to cancel your subscription, we cannot offer a refund for shares.  Once you join our CSA, you are committing to the entire 17 week CSA program, just as we are committed to the harvest supplied.


REFUND:  Due to the nature of a CSA and the commitment you made to participating, there are no refunds.

We do offer a credit towards the next seasons CSA share.


We DO NOT charge a processing fee of $25 for a cancellation or refund which is a standard CSA farm practice.  


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