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Our Story and History:

Our ideas were started back in the late 90's when Sandys - Pure & Simple was created by seeing how people's eating habits were drastically changing.  No one had time to cook anymore, so most turned to frozen foods or pre-packaged processed "box" foods and still do today.  Everything had to be fast and easy, no time for good food.

Whether you are working parents, college students, elderly or young, these products are quick and easy to do.  They are also great for hiking, hunting, camping and storing as they are complete meals, lightweight and most need just water added.


Being a Certified Natural Health Consultant and an Herbalist, I created a unique line of herbal products too.  Having gone through cancer, I created an herbal skin toner that helped heal my skin from the radiation treatments and it has helped several other skin problems.  As we all know too well, it is hard to make claims with herbal products without extensive and expensive testing, but after multiple testimonials and trials, I know how effective these products are.

The next step after having an online business with a five star rating for years, I wanted to have more exposure for these products to local people without them having to pay the online shipping costs.  We decided to open up a 3,000 square foot retail space called Nature's Country Store for our products, plus bring in other local vendors products.  Some of our vendors sell at the fairs and customers ask where they can purchase product outside of the fair season and they are directed to come to our farm stand for their products.

Now that we are growing more of our own products, including seasonal plants,  we changed the name to Nature's Country Farm Stand to reflect more of the local organically grown produce and fruit.

Our Goals and Thoughts:

Using and supporting as much local products as we can, we feel that if more of the local farms and entrepreneurs are not supported, there won't be many left to support.  It seems like continually we see another fellow long time small business or farm owner closing down in the area that we used to have in the shop because of this.  I know we are a dying breed and we struggle daily to continue to do what we love.  Especially when we hear of the chains and big box stores moving into the area, it hurts the "Mom and Pop" businesses that are now struggling to keep competitive.  And we also know that people are not used to shopping for in season produce only and are used to being able to get anything, from anywhere, anytime of the year in the bigger stores.

Help support your local community!

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